A little history of me

I graduated from university way back in 1995, and then entered the corporate world of information technology. My degree was actually nothing to do with tech (Human Geography), but I always seemed suited to the industry.

I had various roles in and around London until 2005. I was then made redundant and decided to strike out and be my own boss!

working from anywhere
Somewhere in KL, Malaysia 2005

My passion for money (freedom)

I am guessing you love money too?

Well let me just say one important thing. I love money because it gives me freedom. Freedom to get up in the morning when I want, freedom to decide what I do every day and freedom of choice.

Money is nothing to do with status or fancy clothes (see above picture!).

Money is not about fast cars or keeping up with the latest consumer trends.

Money is simply an enabler of freedom.

growing your money

Managing your money is not getting any easier

Let’s talk about choice again. In this day and age, the choices for managing and investing money are enormous. It’s actually so baffling that most people employ financial advisors or investment managers.

I hope to present money management choices in a clear, and easy to understand way. There is no reason why you cannot manage your own portfolio, and save yourself a lot of money from broker and advisor fees.

(Disclaimer: The information on this site is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor.  All content on tonypage.co.uk is for informational purposes only.  Always do you own research when investing.)

Making money online

The focus of my site is on personal finance and investing, but I will post some content about making money and living abroad. I currently make my income from working online.

Let’s go back to the start of the century!

I started my first ever website in 2001 which was a town and city guide for visiting football fans. #

My home town team (Ipswich Town) was the main focus.

My first ever website
First website I ever made, 2001

At this time I started making a decent wage from affiliate marketing. In October of 2005 I left the UK to see the world and exist as a digital nomad.

I started a blog called Working Nomad, which also included a forum. Here is my first ever post from September 2005.

Being able to work online gave me the chance to be location independent. This means I can choose to live pretty much anywhere!

thailand digital nomad
An island in Thailand, 2006

I was featured on the CNN website in 2007 as a new breed of white collar nomads. People that could work remotely and from anywhere.

I hope you find some of the content in this site useful!

Thanks for reading,